Since Kontinent Film & TV in January 1994 started operations, we have been dedicated from the outset to produce films for visual brand-communication purposes. We aim at bridging the gap between our target audiences and the organisation we arecollaborating with. It is the ethereal connection between

the physical entity, and the audiences we believe are best suited to its promotion.


Mr. Thomas Graholy is the co-founder and CEO of Kontinent Film & TV, a Copenhagen and London based film and TV production company dedicated to producing and co-financing documentaries and brand communication films within a range of fields.

We are proud of our team of highly skilled freelancers and project employees of producers, editors, videographers, cinematographers, photographers, screenwriters, audio controllers, film assistants, post production designers and web media experts.




Kontinent Film & TV often hires personnel for upcoming projects with specific technical, scientific or creative background to manage research studies and attend the production lines. If you are our new team member please keep your attention locked on the announcements that we add here.

Thomas Graholy, CEO


BA * Foreign Trade Studies * Copenhagen Business School


MA * Film Making * London Film Academy


Concept Maker * 180 Degrees Academy


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