Kontinent Film & TV has over 24 years of massive experiences with delivering brand communication on film and video.




* Together with our contracting partners, we co-create the film projects and working along with in-house- and external producers we take a creative role in developing scripts for the productions.




* We do not just create films but conceptualize an ecosystem that includes the films, the platforms where the films go viral and the tools that make the films interactive.


* The expanding ecosystem is the reason behind the success of our Cloud-TV communities.


*Quite often we also co-finance projects via crowdfunding and / or other additional external sources.





Successful innovators focus on conceptualizing their idea to succeed in the marketplace.



* We study our co-production partner's customers, market environment, competition, business strategy of the entire enterprise.

Then we are ready to commercialize the film that works as an optimal audiovisual tool.


We operate within the fields of


•Script Writing


•Cinematography and Videography


•Production Design



Kontinent Film & TV is a full service film and TV production company and creative agency specializing in documentary, corporate, marketing, training, event films as well as sizzle and web viral videos.


We work closely with our contracting partners fully to understand their brand values. We transform these values into film productions so that or partners can create meaningful and emotional connections with their audiences. We do this through professional storytelling, and our goal is to master the brands on high quality films.


Staying on the forefront of technology allows our film and TV production company to utilize the most advanced tools in the industry. We incorporate our in-depth knowledge of modern filmmaking techniques into all our reels, resulting in future-proof productions for our contracting partners.




One of our recent Cloud-TV Communities™ is DistrictEnergyTV.com containing a still raising number of short film productions about district heating and district cooling to create awareness about the great benefits of district energy.


The videos present show cases, short stories and relevant interviews related to the evidence that for the presence and future district energy systems have a lot to offer and they provide a flexible infrastructure able to integrate a wide range of (renewable) energy sources.

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